ALMA Science Archive

Jupyter Notebooks

This page contains Jupyter Notebooks to programatically access the ALMA Science Archive. The notebooks interact through Virtual Observatory standards with ALMA's ObsCore Table Access Protocol (TAP) service.

Queries in TAP are written in the SQL-like Astronomical Data Query Language (ADQL). ADQL queries include spatial queries as well as operations on other properties/columns of the database. This also allows the user detailed control over the returned columns.

In these Jupyter notebook we will exemplify some of the most common queries. For this we will be using the astropy affiliated PyVO client, which is interoperable with other valid TAP services from other observatories.

Table of Contents

0. Installation

1. Query one source

2. Query a catalogue of sources

3. Query by proposal and IDs

4. Query by science keyword

5. Query by spatial resolution

6. Query by covered frequency range

7. Query by Sensitivity

8. Query using Astroquery.ALMA

9. Download data after query

0. Installation