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Archive Release Notes

Technical tickets not relevant for science staff have been omitted


2018APR+2018MAR deployment


  • ICT-12644   update RH authorisation function     (individual access and support for Cy5+ and Cy0-4 style data products)



  • ICT-11699   Harvester: ignore SemiPass ASDMs in collapsing calculations if there are Pass present   (significantly improved values in case of SemiPass ASDMs)
  • ICT-8463    Harvester: a footprint which is only a line  (solar system objects)
  • ICT-7796    Harvester: harvest SV data   (make SV data visible in the AQ. Downloads are not yet possible: that will come with a future release)
  • ICT-7580    Harvester: Use "Circle" in the Footprints when there is indeed only a single circle present     (the RH now only shows MOUS that have been delivered)


Archive Query

  • Phase C FAIL and thus not deployed


Data Packer

  • ICT-12227   DP: super-slow expansion of 2016.1.01346.S MOUSs     (the RH now only shows MOUS that have been delivered)
  • ICT-11929   DataPacker: separate out auxialliary product tar file    (all FITS files are in one .tar, the rest of the small files like .log, scripts, qa are in the auxiliary file)

Product Ingestor

  • ICT-11882   ProductIngestor: communicate substates to the Project Tracker through the REST interface
  • ICT-11700   ProductIngestor: use a different DB value to compute the spectral resolution for the match of the FITS files   (this will result in zero errors of the type "No matching spectral window ")
  • ICT-10943   ProductIngestor: make SPW detection more robust

Request Handler

  • ICT-12067   File list option throws HTTP Status 500 - An Authentication object was not found in the SecurityContext    (fixing the download via file-lists)
  • ICT-11977   RH: improve download experience - reconnects    (the download script automatically reconnects in case of interruptions)
  • ICT-11857   Request Handler does not show all possible downloads for a Cycle-0 delivery
  • ICT-11797   RH: allow individual file download and break up products tar     (the downloads of individual files work with 'Save as ...')