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Archive Release Notes

Technical tickets not relevant for science staff have been omitted


2018JUN+2018MAY deployment


  • ICT-12290   Harvester: add a switch to include the E2E test data when harvesting (E2E projects will NOT be seen on the AQ, but for E2E testing purposes the Harvester can be run at JAO and produce a full environment with E2E projects)
  • ICT-12668   Harvester: OUS hierarchy for some SV ASDMs (The SV data have completely non-standard OUS structures and a fake OUS structure has to be developed to be able to store some of them)
  • ICT-12867   Harvester: antenna count in collapsed science entry should not be zero to calculate sensitivity 
  • ICT-7552    Harvester: have three integration times in the asa_energy table and modify the sensitiviy calculataing code
  • ICT-12614   Add the AST libraries to the Harvester so that in the future velocity conversions can be done
  • ICT-8446    Harvester: add two line sensitivities to the frequency_support (the line sensitivities are now directly shown in the frequency_support)

Archive Query

  • ICT-11992   AQ: delay the appearance of the tooltips (the tooltip behaviour was broken)
  • ICT-12688   AQ: Search does not seem to work on newer Safari/MacOS versions.

Product Ingestor

  • ICT-12550   ProductIngestor: add the proper QA2 SemiPass information into the asa_delivery_status table when ingesting (this will also now trigger different emails in case of QA2 SEMIPASS)
  • ICT-12288   ProductIngestor: log the history if ingestions and replaces (this adds full tracability on the ingestion process also in the case of e.g. reingestions of products)
  • ICT-12642   PI: prepare for reingestion of cycle1-4 single-tar products (the software is in place to allow to develop a procedure to also ingest at least some of the Cy1 to Cy4 'individually')

Request Handler

  • ICT-12656   RH: add checkboxes to individual files for download (files can now be downloaded individually. Either through 'Save as ...' or via the download script. Also the auxiliary products are separated from the FITS products: if users only want to get the MS, they do not have to download the FITS products anymore) 


Data Tracker

  • ICT-12617   DT: send emails with Pass or Semipass text depending on the alma.asa_dp_delivery_status.qa2_passed value




2018APR+2018MAR deployment


  • ICT-12644   update RH authorisation function     (individual access and support for Cy5+ and Cy0-4 style data products)



  • ICT-11699   Harvester: ignore SemiPass ASDMs in collapsing calculations if there are Pass present   (significantly improved values in case of SemiPass ASDMs)
  • ICT-8463    Harvester: a footprint which is only a line  (solar system objects)
  • ICT-7796    Harvester: harvest SV data   (make SV data visible in the AQ. Downloads are not yet possible: that will come with a future release)
  • ICT-7580    Harvester: Use "Circle" in the Footprints when there is indeed only a single circle present     (the RH now only shows MOUS that have been delivered)


Archive Query

  • Phase C FAIL and thus not deployed


Data Packer

  • ICT-12227   DP: super-slow expansion of 2016.1.01346.S MOUSs     (the RH now only shows MOUS that have been delivered)
  • ICT-11929   DataPacker: separate out auxialliary product tar file    (all FITS files are in one .tar, the rest of the small files like .log, scripts, qa are in the auxiliary file)

Product Ingestor

  • ICT-11882   ProductIngestor: communicate substates to the Project Tracker through the REST interface
  • ICT-11700   ProductIngestor: use a different DB value to compute the spectral resolution for the match of the FITS files   (this will result in zero errors of the type "No matching spectral window ")
  • ICT-10943   ProductIngestor: make SPW detection more robust

Request Handler

  • ICT-12067   File list option throws HTTP Status 500 - An Authentication object was not found in the SecurityContext    (fixing the download via file-lists)
  • ICT-11977   RH: improve download experience - reconnects    (the download script automatically reconnects in case of interruptions)
  • ICT-11857   Request Handler does not show all possible downloads for a Cycle-0 delivery
  • ICT-11797   RH: allow individual file download and break up products tar     (the downloads of individual files work with 'Save as ...')