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Local News

ALMA Regional Centre Astronomer - ESO Garching
Deadline: 6 February 2022
Research associate – ARC node researcher/developer
deadline: 14 January 2022
Research Associate (UK ARC Node Scientist) position
deadline: 15 December 2021
Research Associate (UK ARC Node Scientist) position (closed)
deadline: 9 August 2021
ARC Astronomer position (closed)
deadline: 10/05/2021
EU ALMA Regional Centre Community Assembly
19 March, 12:30 CET
Second European ALMA Regional Centre community assembly on 18 December 2020
I-TRAIN with the European ARC Network
Research Associate at the UK ARC Node
deadline: 13 July 2020
Postdoctoral Positions at the ALMA ARC node at Leiden Observatory (closed)
deadline for applications: 21 Jan. 2020
Requesting calibrated data in Europe
from 1 October 2019 onwards
RadioNet calls for financial support (closed)
submission deadline: 1 July 2019
Postdoctoral Research Position in mm astronomy at the 30-meter telescope (closed)
deadline for applications: June 30, 2019
9th IRAM 30m Summer School
6-13 September 2019, in Pradollano near Granada, Spain
Improving Image Fidelity on Astronomical Data: Radio Interferometer and Single-Dish Data Combination
12-16 August 2019
ERIS 2019: European Radio Interferometry School in Gothenburg, Sweden
7-11 October 2019
ARC Astronomer position at ESO (closed)
deadline for applications: 4 February 2019
Two permanent staff scientist positions at the Nordic ARC node (now filled)
deadline for applications: 30 September 2018
Interferometric Data Processing Workshop in Dublin
10-12 September 2018
ARC Scientist position at ESO (now filled)
deadline for appications: 30 april 2018