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7m Array Supplemental Call

Supplemental Call for Proposals to use the 7-m Array in Cycle 4


The 7-m Array Supplemental Call for Proposals is now closed. One hundred ninety-eight valid proposals requesting a total of 4815 hours were received, for an over-subscription rate of ~ 6. For comparison, for the Cycle 5 Call, 62 proposals were received for the standalone ACA. Overall, the ACA was oversubscribed in Cycle 5 by a factor of ~ 4.

Proposals are being reviewed by a committee that consists of representatives from the JAO, the ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs), and Chile. The primary criterion in assessing the proposals is the overall scientific merit of the proposed observations. The committee will forward their scientific assessment to the ALMA Director, who will make the decision on whether the proposal shall be scheduled. Review decisions should be announced to the proposal teams by June 12.