Science Highlights - Molecular Gas Within the Supernebula of the Dwarf Galaxy NGC 5253


One of the areas of extragalactic research which makes great use of ALMA's resolution and sensitivity is the study of the molecular gas properties of dwarf galaxies. In a recent study by Dr. Jean Turner and her collaborators, they make use of Band 7 ALMA observations to detect warm 12CO(3-2) and 13CO(3-2) emission (Cloud D1) from the core of a giant star-forming region, in the dwarf galaxy NGC 5253. This "supernebula" is the source of one-third of the galaxy’s infrared luminosity and is in proximity to optical clusters with measured stellar ages of ~ 1 Myr. From radio recombination line analysis, the region is estimated to have 1400-1800 O stars..

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