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Call for Proposals

The deadline for Cycle 4 proposals (21 April 2016) has passed. The important milestones for Cycle 4 are summarized in the table below. The Cycle 4 Proposer's Guide is still available for reference, as well as all other Cycle 4 documentation.

The next Call for Proposals, for Cycle 5, is anticipated for March 2017.

Proposals for use of Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) can still be submitted. Please use the Cycle 3 version of the ALMA Observing Tool available through the DDT proposal page.

Table 1: The ALMA Cycle 4 Timeline

22 March 2016 (15:00UT) Release of Cycle 4 Call for Proposals, Observing Tool & supporting documents and Opening of the Archive for proposal submission
21 April 2016 (15:00UT) Proposal submission deadline
August 2016 Announcement of the Outcome of the Proposal Review Process
September 2016 Submission of Phase 2 by PIs
October 2016 Start of ALMA Cycle 4 Science observations
September 2017 End of ALMA Cycle 4