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Tool Primary Manual Description
ALMA Observing Tool  OT Reference Manual Java application used for the preparation and submission of ALMA Phase 1 (observing proposal) and Phase 2 (telescope runfiles for accepted proposals) materials.
ALMA Sensitivity Calculator   Calculates the necessary integration times for a given sensitivity, or vice versa, for your ALMA observing project. Java plugin required.
CASA Simulator & Configuration Files   Allows user to simulate interferometric observations, including the ALMA observatory. The simulations consider the configuration of the ALMA array, the receiver specifics and atmospheric conditions.
ALMA Observation Support Tool OST Documentation Simulates ALMA observations.
Splatalogue Splatalogue QuickStart Guide Database for astronomical spectroscopy. Users can search for atomic and molecular transitions lines using several different search parameters such as name, transition, frequency range, energy range, line strength, etc.
NRAO Science Ready Data Products   Users can request calibrated measurement sets and user defined images through a simplified web interface within the NRAO archive.
Toyama Microwave Atlas   Allows users to search for the microwave transitions of some molecules, especially some large organic molecules.
ALMA solar ephemeris generator tool User Manual  
Japanese Virtual Observatory   Allows users to have a quick look at the released ALMA data and to download fits images.
EU ARC network tools   Tools developed by the nodes of the European ARC network.

Community-Developed Tools

Tool Primary Manual Description
Radio Astro Tools   The radio-astro-tools package is a hub for community-developed python tools related to ALMA.