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Known Issues

Known Issues affecting the Cycle 1 release of the ALMA Observing Tool

Issue Description Resolved? Deployed?
C1_001 Although it is indicated that copy and paste operations in a Mac use the "command" key, often the "control" key is required, particularly for text copy/paste.
C1_002 Visual Spectral Editor only shows tuning setup (sidebands, LO1) for last source. Yes Update 1
C1_003 For large mosaic spacings, the time per pointing is sometimes about twice the correct value. Yes Update 1
C1_004 Frequency filters in Spectral Line Picker are disabled before any spectral windows have been defined. Yes Update 1
C1_005 The Time Estimate dialogue reports "time per pointing", but when there are multiple sources in a Science Goal, this is actually the time of the first source and the times per source can be different. Yes Update 1
C1_006 For redshifted sources, the spw in the first baseband will vanish if the display is zoomed within this spw's sideband. "Zoom to Band" will then select the band corresponding to the rest-frame frequency. A subsequent click will recover the redshift and the line will reappear. Yes
C1_007 Text at top of Spectral Setup states that three basebands can not be put into one sideband for bands 3, 6 and 7. The text should actually say that it is not possible to put three basebands in one sideband and the remaining baseband in the other sideband. Yes Update 1
C1_008 Zooming in to spectral windows using the mouse can cause the sidebands to move. Hitting "Pan to Line" will fix the problem. Yes
C1_009 Reading in a previously-saved proejct and changing the frequency will not update the Representative Frequency and the opacity. The Representative Window should be re-selected. Yes Update 1
C1_010 The OT's ACA suggestion can be wrong for Single Continuum setups with a high-redshift source. The user can override the OT's choice or the redshift can be set to zero. Yes Update 1
C1_011 It is possible to reorder the columns in some of the tables. This is dangerous, particularly so for columns of R.A. and Dec. Yes
C1_012 Overlaying lines in the Visual Spectral Editor will only add them to the first baseband. Yes Update 1
C1_013 Changing between Single Continuum and Spectral Line does not remember the chosen Representative Window. The bottom one is always selected (and highlighted). Yes Update 1
C1_014 The "achievable sensitivities" in the Time Estimate dialogue aren't always reporting the correct values. Yes Update 1
C1_015 When trying to open an aot file that needs upgrading, the attempt will fail with no error message if the name is less than 3 characters long (ignoring the ".aot"). Yes
C1_016 Turning off the mosaic pointing display and then zooming in or out with the mouse will automatically show the mosaic pointings again. Yes
C1_017 The tarball version of the OT with its own Java is 32-bit only. A 64-bit version should be provided.
C1_018 Changing between Single Continuum and Spectral Line does not remember changes made to the default value of the Representative Frequency. Yes
C1_019 It is not possible to scroll up and down when the cursor lies within a table. Yes
C1_020 Filtering by receiver/frequency should not be remembered for overlays when changing science goal. Yes
C1_021 The Technical Summaries of each Science Goal only show a continuum dynamic range which can therefore be zero for spectral line projects. Yes
C1_022 How to sort the Spectral Line Picker results is very non-obvious. Some helpful text should be included. Yes
C1_023 Calibration searches may crash due to problems with the database. Reducing the number of results may avoid the problem.
C1_024 The velocity to frequency conversion used in the time estimate is using the rest-frame velocity, not the observed frame. The same problem with the code is also affecting validation of angular resolutions and largest angular scales when angular resolutions are entered in fractions of the antenna beamsize. Yes Update 2
C1_025 Users are not being informed of updates to the OT. This only really affects tarball users as Web Start will automatically update. Yes External fix
C1_026 Visual Spatial Editor will not read 64-bit FITS images. Yes
C1_027 Visual Spatial Editor will not read FITS files with FITS extensions. Yes
C1_028 Choosing a solar system object still displays the source coordinates (which may have previous values displayed). Yes
C1_029 Single continuum setups in rest units are shifting the spectral windows incorrectly i.e. each sideband pair moves closer to the other for velocities that correspond to a lower observed frequency and thus stick outside of the sidebands. Additionally, the OT's validation is not noticing that these tunings are invalid. The OT should instead just be shifting the central (requested) frequency, and then placing the four spectral windows around this such that the maximum bandwidth is covered. Feature removed
C1_030 It is no longer possible to move the sidebands by dragging the LO1 marker when a valid tuning has been calculated. Yes Phase 2
C1_031 The rest frequency axis in the Visual Spectral Editor is unreadable for high redshift sources. Yes
C1_032 Leaving the OT open for days at a time can cause an error upon saving. Saving to another file, closing the OT and re-opening produces a "ZLIB input stream" error i.e. the project is unreadable. This issue is yet to be satisfactorily characterised.
C1_033 Certain PDF files cannot be read into the OT. Exactly what is causing the problem is unknown, but converting the PDF to postscript and back to PDF might solve the problem. Yes
C1_034 The 4th octile of PWV is being used for all calibration time estimates. This is leading to very large estimated calibration times, particularly at Band 9. Since users specify science goals in terms of a requested RMS rather than a time, they should DO NOTHING about this in their proposals. Please view this Knowledgebase article for more details. Yes Update 3
C1_035 Resolving a source name can provide previous results when in fact no source information could be found. Yes
C1_036 The width within which the Representative Frequency can be moved is using the observed, not the rest-frame value. Yes
C1_037 The OT will crash if, within the same session, the display is changed between a laptop's own screen and an external screen (and vice versa). This has only been reported on a Mac running Java 7.