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Known Issues

Known Issues affecting the Cycle 7 release of the ALMA Observing Tool

The following table lists those issues which are known to affect the Cycle 7 version of the Observing Tool. This will be updated to denote whether an issue has been fixed and whether this fix has made it into an updated release.

C1_032 Leaving the OT open for days at a time can cause an error upon saving. Saving to another file, closing the OT and re-opening produces a "ZLIB input stream" error i.e. the project is unreadable. This issue is yet to be satisfactorily characterised.
C2_009 Placing spectral windows that are exactly as far apart as they can possibly be can cause an error, the text of which is also misleading.
C6_001 The OT's mosaicing algorithm will not allow an even number of pointings along a single row. A custom mosaic may be used instead.
C7_001 Band-9 with C43-7 and Walsh is restricted to no more than 122 pointings per Science Goal
C7_002 Average data rates and volumes are incorrect for solar projects
C7_003 The OT is assuming that each TP SB will observe the maximum allowed amount of on-source time (40 minutes)
C7_004 The ACA time on the Proposal Cover Sheet always shows the 7-m Array time. Proposals will be regenerated after the deadline to show the correct time.
C7_005 It is not possible to read an ASCII list of time windows into the single-visit time-constraint interface. This will have to be entered manually instead.
C7_006 If very little on-source time is required, the total time for polarization projects requiring long baselines is 3.41 instead of 3 hours.
C7_007 The non-standard time listed on the cover sheet for no phase calibrator is the sum of all clusters, even if not all are affected.
C7_008 PDFs of resubmitted proposals can be missing the Cover Sheet and Science Goal summaries when viewed in SnooPI. The problem is understood and all PDFs will be correctly generated after the proposal deadline. This can lead to problems saving the proposal to disk. Both problems can in fact be solved by generating the PDF from the OT and then resubmitting.
C7_009 Selecting a time override will always show some ACA time on the Cover Sheet. This will be fixed before proposal review.
C7_010 When using the galactic coordinate system with multiple individual pointings, the pointing offsets can become corrupted when clicking on Image Query and/or when navigating away from the Science Goal. The recommended workarounds are re-editing the pointing offsets, after which they should no longer change, or using a different coordinate system to specify the observation.
C7_011 JPL have changed the format of the HORIZONS Ephemeris output which can no longer be read by the OT. This has been fixed in the Cycle-8 OT but the Cycle-7 version will not be patched. ALMA Operations have written a script to convert to the old format - user-generated ephemerides should be sent via the Helpdesk should they need to be converted. Yes Cycle-8 OT