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AQUA Release Notes

New features/improvements unless marked as BUG. Most recent release listed first.


Patched into 2018FEB (12.04.2018 version)


  • ICT-12061: pending fluxcal EBs are now checked once per hour and can also be checked manually for new fluxcal information in the QA0 bulk status update tool
  • BUG: ICT-12487: QA0 Calsurvey EBs should now be included in the ‘Calibration’ search results
  • BUG: ICT-12464: QA0 report should now be created even if the last scan is incomplete



Affect QA0 and QA2:

  • Display for Walsh switching (mirror spectral windows) has been improved (ICT-10959)
  • Release info is now available from AQUA GUI (ICT-11407)



  • Adding users as Comment Recipients should now be faster (ICT-11922)
  • BUG: frequency displayed as spw central frequency was in fact the BB central frequency (ICT-12008)



  • Changing of QA0 state or EF is now prevented while OUS is being processed and after QA2 (ICT-10593)
  • Antenna baseline is shown when hovering over point in phase rms plot (ICT-9550)
  • Band of the pointing observations is shown (ICT-8567)
  • BUG: an offset was wrongly reported between expected and observed position for Proxima Centauri (ICT-11039)