Science Highlight





1-5 July 2013, St Andrews, Scotland

There are two sessions (covering five slots) focussing on ALMA science at the UK National Astronomy Meeting:

* Thursday 4 July
24. Galactic and Extragalactic star-formation in the ALMA era

* Friday 6 July
34. Early science results from ALMA and related studies: Cool and
dynamic - molecules, atoms and dust in discs and outflows

Anyone with current or prospective ALMA, or complementary, projects, are invited to submit an Abstract for either session, by the deadline of 19 March.  Talks will be transfered between sessions if necessary to fit as many people in as possible.  If you want to contact the organizers informally or have a strong preference for when you want to speak, please email Anita Richards and Timothy Davis

ALMA staff will be available in the session room during tea breaks, and at other times on the ALMA stand, to answer questions.

There are many other sessions of interest including the plenary talks
* 3 July 0900  Star Formation in Galaxies, Rob Kennicutt, Cambridge
* 4 July 0900  Protoplanetary Disks: Perspectives from Herschel and ALMA Leonardo Testi, ESO

Full details: http://www.nam2013.co.uk/