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ARC Astronomer position (closed)

deadline: 10/05/2021

For its ALMA Regional Centre at its Headquarters in Garching, near Munich, Germany, ESO is advertising the position of ALMA Regional Centre Astronomer.

The ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) department at ESO provides the interface between the European ALMA Users Community and the ALMA observatory in Chile. Its mission is to achieve, promote, and provide high-caliber support to the ALMA user community and to ALMA Observatory global operations, including coordinated delivery of software, ,o provide quality-assured, high-quality data products for PIs and archive users, within target time-windows, and to facilitate ALMA science performed by expert and non-expert users alike via coordination of user support.

The ARC is looking for an astronomer with a strong and active research profile in radio or millimetre astronomy. The ARC Astronomer will contribute to core ARC duties, and in particular to those related to the quality assurance of ALMA data delivered to European PIs. The post holder should have a strong interest in maximizing ALMA's science output through conducting expert user support and operations support tasks and contributing to the development of efficient processes and tools. Full details on the position and the application procedure can be found here.

Apply now (deadline: 10/05/2021)