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CESRA Workshop 2013

ALMA session at this meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, June 24-29 2013

Solar cycle 24 has opened a new era in solar radio physics as we now have instruments that can probe solar processes from sub-millimeter to kilometer waves. ALMA and LOFAR are entering full-operation state and observations of the Sun will be made in the near future.

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At the same time extensive use is being made of radio spectrometers in space, STEREO/WAVES and Wind-WAVES, and existing and upgraded ground-based instruments like Nobeyama Radioheliograph, Nancay Radioheliograph, Ratan, SSRT, and many others. These instruments provide data that enable studies of both energetic particles and thermal plasma, enhancing our knowledge of solar eruptions and acceleration and propagation of particles, all through the solar chromosphere and corona and into interplanetary space.

The CESRA 2013 Workshop will highlight these new observational capabilities and discuss the theoretical issues connected to solar radio emission and interplanetary radio physics.


For more details, see http://wave.asu.cas.cz/cesra2013/