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IRAM Cycle 2 proposal preparation

14 November 2013, IRAM Grenoble

In order to assist prospective users in the preparation and submission of their proposals, the IRAM ARC node is organizing a workshop on Thursday November 14th at IRAM Grenoble. This workshop will take place immediately after the two-days French "Action Spécifique ALMA" meeting organized in Grenoble on Nov. 12th and 13th.

The program of the workshop will include:

  • a detailed presentation of the ALMA Cycle 2 capabilities
  • a description of the ALMA Phase 1, Phase 2, and data delivery procedures
  • an overview of the software tools and resources available to the ALMA users
  • a presentation and hands-on tutorial of the ALMA Observing Tool

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill the registration form as soon as possible. The number of participants will be limited. Participants are expected to bring a laptop with the OT installed (see instructions on the ALMA Science Portal).

This meeting is mainly intended for scientists from the IRAM community (France, Germany, Spain). Please note that ESO and other ARC nodes are organizing similar workshops in Europe.

Organizing committee:

G.Dumas, F.Gueth, S.Martin
email contact: arc@iram.fr