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Nordic science with ALMA

Meeting at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, May 29-31, 2013

With the recent early science results, the exciting potential of ALMA, across many astronomical research areas, is becoming obvious. And now, with the start of its next cycle (Cycle 1) of observations, and the upcoming call for proposals for the second cycle, ALMA capabilities are expanding even further. Thus, it is now time to specifically highlight the possibilities of ALMA for users from the Nordic astronomical community. In several invited talks, both by ALMA experts and novice/potential users, the strengths of ALMA will be highlighted. There will also be ample time for contributed talks that will give a overview of the current developments in Nordic science.

The meeting will be an excellent place to connect young researchers and those without previous ALMA experience with Nordic ALMA experts and foster potentially exciting new collaborations.

This meeting will hopefully be the first of many more Nordic centric scientific meeting with changing focus. By bringing to together Nordic scientists working on a variety of topics, we hope to foster collaborations and increase the awareness of the many opportunities available to our community.

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