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UK ALMA "Bring Your Own Data" Workshop

21-25 November 2016

The UK ARC Node held its first  "Bring Your Own Data workshop" at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (UoM campus) from 21-25 November. The focus of the workshop was to explore and to work on either own ALMA data or archival data with the assistance of UK ARC Node personnel and ARC Node computing resources.

During the workshop the ARC Node hosted five astronomers for four separate institutions each working on their own datasets, both proprietary and archival, to get to grips with ALMA data processing and produce advanced data products for forthcoming publications. The UK ARC Node provided personnal to assist as well as computing resources.

The UK ARC Node hopes to host similar events in the future.


Dr. Adam Avison
Email: adam.avison@manchester.ac.uk