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ALMA Cycle 7 Science Observations Status Update

Dear colleagues,

Since 17 March 2021, the 12-m Array has consistently been used for PI science observations, usually using more than 37 antennas in the 12-m Array. Unfortunately, it has become clear that the recent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Chile will have an impact on ALMA observations. Several areas in Chile are back to full lockdown and the anticipated addition of more staff to the ALMA site to conduct the change of ALMA configurations will be delayed by a minimum of 20 days.

While ALMA will continue to conduct Cycle 7 science observations in the current C43-5 configuration on a best-effort basis, the move to more extended configurations will be postponed until at least early May. This is to ensure the safety of all ALMA staff, as well as the Array, and to plan for a smooth transition to the start of Cycle 8 2021 in October.

As always, status updates will be provided in the Science Portal on a regular basis as information becomes available. The ALMA Regional Centers also continue to provide support for ALMA users. If you have any questions, or have comments or concerns related to the situation at ALMA, please contact the ALMA Helpdesk at https://help.almascience.org/.

All ALMA staff wish you and your families to stay safe and healthy.​