Science Highlight




ALMA is now accepting Cycle 7 DDT proposals

In anticipation of resuming limited science operations in March 2021, ALMA is once again accepting proposals for Director’s Discretionary Time (DDT). The general procedures to submit a DDT proposal are described on the Science Portal.

ALMA is currently in the return-to-operations phase after suspending observations because of the pandemic. During this phase, a reduced number of ALMA antennas on the 12-m (at least thirty-two antennas in a C43-4/C43-5 configuration) and 7-m (at least eight antennas) arrays will be available. PIs should therefore consider that the DDT projects may be executed with fewer than the nominal number of Cycle 7 antennas. If the observations can only be performed with the nominal antenna numbers, this should be explicitly stated. Any approved DDT proposals will be observed on a best-effort basis, with priority given to completing the return to operations in a safe manner.