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ALMA Status Report: March 2014

Status report available including near-term configuration schedule, updated Cycle 1 completion likelihood, and further commissioning plans

ALMA Early Science Cycle 1 observations started in January 2013 and will continue through the end of May 2014. This report summarizes the status of Cycle 1 Early Science observations as of March 2014 including events since the last Status Update (published in the ALMA Science Portal on October 2 2013). It includes a summary of observing progress, the 12-m Array configuration schedule for 2014 and an assessment of the completion likelihood of Cycle 1 Highest Priority projects by Band, LST and requested angular resolution. The report also contains plans and references to ongoing work as part of commissioning and science verification.

Follow this link for a pdf of the report. (version with corrected figures 3 & 4 posted March 14).