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New OT Version, the Project Tracker, and Clarification of Full Polarization Capabilities

Release of a New Version of the OT:
A new version of the ALMA Observing Tool for preparing Cycle-4 proposals has been released. All users should obtain the new version and use this to prepare and submit their proposals. This contains a small number of bug fixes, specifically those labelled as C4_005, C4_006 and C4_008 in the Cycle-4 Known Issues page. Web Start users will automatically get the update if they restart their existing OT installation, but tarball users will have to download and install manually.

Project Tracker - Section 7.1 of the ALMA Proposers Guide states:
"PIs may track the status of their SBs through the PI tool SnooPI, accessible from the ALMA Science Portal."

In addition to SnooPI, PIs and Co-PIs will now find the ALMA Project Tracker link active after login. The ALMA Project Tracker is planned to be phased-out as the PI and Co-PI interface to ALMA observing programs for the Snooping Program Interface (SnooPI) over the course of the next observing Cycle.

Spectral line polarization - Section 2.1 of the ALMA Proposers Guide has been edited:
Full polarization observations using high spectral resolution correlator modes and arbitrary tunings are now allowed. Polarization proposals are still restricted to compact sources observed in Bands 3, 6 or 7. Only linear polarization is an accepted observing mode. While PIs will receive data which will allow them to generate circular polarization data, the quality and/or accuracy of that data at this time is not assured, and such data should not be used for scientific purposes.

Additional questions, concerns or issues should be sent to the relevant ARC for support through the Proposal Planning Department of the ALMA Helpdesk.