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New Targets for Science Verification: Band 1

16 March 2023

New Science Verification targets that will demonstrate the Band 1 receivers are now listed on the Science Verification web page.

The possible targets are:

  • W51: observations of the SO2, SiO, CS, and CH3OH lines as well as the continuum to demonstrate the imaging capability with ~2” angular resolution.
  • Orion KL: spectral scan between 35.1 and 49.55 GHz to demonstrate the new science capabilities for molecular line surveys and chemistry using Band 1 and to demonstrate the ability of obtaining and properly calibrating spectral scans across the band.

Please visit the above web page for more information.

The data are planned to be taken with about 20 antennas and will be released for public use; the release of any Science Verification data will also be preceded by a similar announcement.