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Release of a new installment of ALMA Test data

A new installment of ALMA Test data is available. This release contains data on Pluto taken in Support of the NASA New Horizons Mission. These data were taken as "test data" and contain basic scripts for calibration and imaging. Five (5) epochs of data are being released at this time:

Nov 25, 2013 uid___A002_X740d04_X50
Apr 19, 2014 uid___A002_X7f618d_X124b
Apr 22, 2014 uid___A002_X7fa1e9_X120f
Jul 11, 2014 uid___A002_X867766_X339
Jul 15, 2014 uid___A002_X86b751_X4e6

The major goal of the observations were to determine the position and parallax of the Pluto system. Each observation consisted primarily of phase referencing observations between the calibrator J1911-2006 and Pluto with a secondary calibrator J1924-2105. The phase cycle time was about 7 min, with 5.5 min scan on Pluto, and the total experiment extent was 80 min. The longest baseline was about 500 m. Four spw's were used, each of 2 GHz, centered at 336, 338, 348, 350 GHz (ALMA Band 7). The strong calibrator J1924-2914 was used as the bandpass calibrator and the absolute flux density calibrator.

The ADMS and data reduction scripts are available in the "Commissioning Test Data" section on the ALMA Science Portal Science Verification page .