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Status report on Cycle 1

ALMA Early Science Cycle 1 observations started in January 2013. The end of Cycle 1, initially set to October 2013, was postponed to May 2014, mainly due to a reprioritization of the commissioning activities being performed in parallel to PI observations (see http://almascience.org/news/cycle-1-progress-update and http://almascience.org/news/alma-cycle-1-and-cycle-2-timelines). However, due further delays including a worker’s strike, it is possible that only slightly more than half of Cycle 1 Highest Priority observations may be completed by the end of the cycle. Consequently, and to not further delay the start of Cycle 2, PIs of High Priority Cycle 1 projects will be contacted via the ALMA helpdesk and offered the opportunity to designate their projects as eligible for transfer into Cycle 2 if they remain uncompleted at the end of Cycle 1. A detailed report summarizing the status of Cycle 1 Early Science observations including events over the past few months, observing progress, an assessment showing the completion likelihood of Cycle 1 Highest Priority projects by Band, LST and requested angular resolution, and an announcement for a new plan to transfer uncompleted Cycle 1 projects into Cycle 2 is available at .