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Update on the configuration schedule for Cycle 9

Dear colleagues,

While ALMA ‘s recovery from the cyber-attack is well underway, it has become clear that the most compact configurations (C-1 and C-2) will not be visited. Major changes to the configuration schedule are not foreseen in order to ensure that the longest baselines (configurations C-9 and C-10), offered only every other cycle, can be carried out during the current cycle as planned.

Information regarding Scheduling Blocks that can only be observed in C-1 and C-2 configurations (expected to be a minority fraction), will be posted on the Science Portal once the necessary ALMA operations tools and services become available (expected to happen around mid-December). Regardless of the above, and as per ALMA policies, grade A projects submitted for Cycle 9 requiring these configurations will be carried over to the next cycle, if not completed.

For any comments or concerns please contact your local ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) with the ALMA Helpdesk at https://help.almascience.org/.